2012 Art2Wear

The 2012 Raglan Art to Wear Awards have been presented. After the continuing successes of the 2006, 2008 and 2010 events – and with an overwhelming show of support from sponsors, artists and audiences – the awards are over for another two years.

The Raglan Art to Wear Awards were held on the weekend of Friday 8th – Saturday 9th June 2012 in the Raglan Town Hall.

The Sections
Wind Warriors – open
Rainbow – open
The World of Dr Seuss – children under 13
Reduce-Reuse-Recycle – open
Myths & Legends – open

Previous shows attracted a large number of entries, mostly from Raglan but also from Hamilton and the greater Waikato. The awards are funded by Creative Communities NZ Waikato District, Raglan Lions and local businesses (Ray White Raglan, Jon Webb, Xtreme Waste, and Ozone) “We get fantastic sponsorship from the local community,” Jean adds. The event is planned for winter to attract visitors to the town when it’s quiet. Although it wasn’t always that way – it was originally the grand finale to the annual arts-focused summer schools based at the Old School Arts Centre in Stewart Street.”

Award Winners

1st Cumulus and Nimbus by Susanne Prinz
2nd Bird Women by Turanga Kereopa
3rd The Kea takes flight by Sven Seddon
Highly commended:
Celestial Tempest by Luka Benseman
Flying Wind Turbine Warrior by Cory Hartgill

1st Rainbow delight by Raglan Knitting Circle
2nd Lollies O Lollies by Helena Silich and Abbie Hanson
3rd Three Friends Rainbow Dreams by Emily Stockton, Abby Cranfield, Isabelle Stockton
Highly Commended:
Crazy Rainbow Creatures by The Children of Matapihi

1st Can’t see the trees for the Wood by Liz Hosking
2nd Off the Wall by Tash McCowan
3rd All Scarved up by Tracy Brown
Highly commended:
Milky Way by Ranga and Dillon Whanau
Ninja Tube by Lennox Reynolds
The Milkmaid by Portia Matthews

1st The Thing with Wings by Ariana Livingstone and Libby Wallace
2nd Rona by Ranga Whanau
3rd The Chinese Dragon by pupils of Waitetuna School
Highly Recommended:
Tawhirimatea by Rowan Mc Lachlan

1st The Elephant Bird by Madeleine Thompson
2nd Benseman Thing 3 and Thing 4 by Ngakau and Georgie Benseman
3rd equal The Last One by Salvador Cotterill- Nagels
The Once ler by Ronan Thompson
Highly Recommended:
The Lorax by Zane Macdonald


Bird women by Turanga Kereopa

Children – The children of Matapihi
Adult – Renee Davenport

The Ninja Tube By Lennox Reynolds

3rd Place Supreme Award
Rainbow Delight by Raglan Knitting Circle

2nd Place Supreme Award
Can’t see the Wood for the Trees by Liz Hosking

1st Place Supreme Award
Cumulus and Nimbus by Susanne Prinz