The Raglan Old School Arts Centre is wheelchair accessible with an accessible toilet and parking.  Loose seating is used for movie screening and concerts allowing easy provision of spaces for wheelchairs. (Note during 2018, building work is underway behind the Old School building where our accessible ramp is located. Please phone 07 825 0023 to discuss your needs.)


By Bus

There is a GoBus service from the Hamilton Transport Centre with the bus stop located outside the Magnolia Tree Childcare Raglan Day Care  (Formerly Raglan Childcare) at 5 Wallis Street.  Bus route number is 23 and runs several times daily. Buses on this service are wheelchair friendly. Wheelchairs must be under 250 kg in weight and 80 cm in width to travel on the bus. The bus operator always aims to operate accessible buses, however there may be times when this is not possible due to operational reasons.

The Arts Centre is approximately one kilometre from the bus stop and Raglan township.

To get to the Arts Centre from Wallis St, go past the Raglan Project shop next to the Childcare, then turn left into on Bow St. Just before the tee intersection  with Wainui Road, cross Bow Street, then turn right into Wainui Road.  Go past the shops and Fire Station and the Raglan i-SITE/ Raglan Museum then cross Wainui road to the Union Church, then go up Stewart St.  The entrance of the Arts Centre is on the right at 5 Stewart St.

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