The Clay Shed

The Raglan Community Clay Shed is a true community space. In March 2020
we opened our purpose-built 2-room Clay Shed in the new Creative space building
behind the historic Old School building on 5 Stewart St.

The CLAY SHED group operates at the Raglan Old School Arts Centre. You can become a Clay Shed member and join an active group of clay artists with a range of abilities. You must also join as a Raglan Community Arts Council financial member.

The Clay Shed studio is located in the ground level of the new Creative Space building, behind the historic Old School building. Access is by the lane between the Old School and the kindergarten. We have basic equipment, electric and raku kilns, pottery wheels and workspace for hand-building projects.

The Clay Shed is open 10-2 for all members and at other times for experienced members (unless there is a workshop in progress). We also offer Wednesday Members’ Nights for adults 5-7pm. There is a session fee for using the Clay Shed – Concession cards are $30 for 10 sessions or $5 per session.

The CLAY SHED HANDBOOK has detailed information for members and prospective members.

To find out more about the CLAY SHED email

On the wheel for members’ night