Raglan’s Ukulele Group

In August 2019, a gang of 4 people got together, because someone wanted to learn the play a ukulele. A few songs and chord books were found and  the four people started strumming and singing in the lounge at home. Word got out, and soon there were up to a dozen people playing and singing, New songs, learning new chords, but mostly, having some fun. It all happened quickly, but in March 2020 BC (Before Covid) the group decided to set some rules.

Rule 1: Have fun.  Rule 2: Refer to rule 1.

2020 AC (After Covid) the group moved to Raglan Old School Art Centre – too many people to fit into the lounge.

So each Wednesday at 4.00pm, there can be up to 30 strummers and singers. It is totally inclusive, like a community ‘drop in’ centre.

Everyone is welcome. Every level of playing is welcome. It’s the best way to learn to play. 

And remember Rule 1.