Support the arts in Raglan

The Raglan Community Arts Council thanks and acknowledges our supporters whose generous assistance enables us to achieve our goals supporting the arts and arts groups and individuals involved in art and craft.

You can help us provide exhibitions, concerts, monthly markets, movie screenings, the community clay shed and creative workshops with a cash donation.

It can be one-off gift or an automated recurring gift using your credit card. It’s simple! You determine the amount you’d like to contribute to help keep the Old School Arts Centre as a hive of creativity. You don’t have to worry about writing a cheque or mailing an envelope.

Your donation by credit card is applied directly to the Old School Arts Centre’s programmes. You’ll receive the monthly What’s On newsletter to keep you up to date with arts and creative events in Raglan.

The Old School Arts Centre is run by the Raglan Community Arts Council, the local Raglan Whaingaroa arts charity. The Council operates under the Arts Council of New Zealand Act. We are a charitable entity registered by the New Zealand Charities Commission, registration number CC24379, 14 May 2008. Every donor is emailed a receipt.

Recent improvements to IRD’s myIR Secure Online Services make it easier for the Old School Arts Centre’s supporters to claim a tax credit when they donate to us. Once registered for a myIR account, supporters can upload their receipts in myIR at any time. You can upload photos or scans of paper receipts. The electronic email receipts provided by RCAC makes it even easier. Just do a PRINT> SAVE TO PDF save it on your desktop or use the PDF attached to the email then upload it to myIR. At the end of the tax year, you won’t have to complete a paper form. IRD will automatically calculate the credit and pay it into their bank account within three weeks.

To help you claim the donation tax credit, Raglan Community Arts Council (RCAC) / Raglan Old School Arts Centre’s electronic receipts include:

  • donor’s name
  • the amount they donated
  • the date they donated
  • a clear statement that it was a donation
  • RCAC’s name and IRD number
  • RCAC’s logo and a signature
  • RCAC’s charity number

Thank you for helping the arts in Raglan.