Talented and creative tutors are available in a variety of the arts at the Old School Arts Centre and other locations in and around Raglan Whaingaroa, covering a wide range of levels. Classes and workshops run regularly throughout the year.

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Megan Hockly

Megan is a teacher and artist based in Raglan. She creates stories and characters using a range of techniques and materials. After a stint as a Textiles teacher, Megan has been drawn to using needle and thread to construct three dimensional characters. Papermache has also provided a medium to create scenes she would normally paint and draw. Megan is enjoying this stage in her Art journey to explore ideas and have fun.  

‘Seeing characters I have created come to life is the magic that keeps me painting and making’. 


Megan Hockly in her studio

Robyn Marsters

Robyn is a mother of 5, she lives in Raglan with her husband and youngest daughter.  They run a business in Hamilton and now have time to support hobbies and interests.  Robyn loves, fishing, gardening, nice food and her more recently discovered hobby of pottery.  She enjoys hand building and wheel work, finding the options exciting and limitless.  Robyn’s love of pottery has her enjoying the pottery community when she attends ‘Clay Play’ on Wednesday nights.  She is keen to teach wheel work and help those interested in learning as part of giving back to the community that helped to inspire her pottery journey.

Robyn Marsters showing off a beautiful glaze

Belinda Thomas

Predominantly a ceramicist, I moved to Raglan in 2015 and promptly became a member of the Clay Shed, I became well known for the fine detail I employ in my ceramic work after sculpting a series of intricate drawer knobs.

Since then I have been busy creating with the Tuesday Potters and regularly exhibit my work in the Raglan Old School Art Centre’s Christmas exhibition and the Raglan Arts Weekend. I generally like to create pieces that are both functional and decorative. My figurative sculpture work has a sense of whimsy and fun with inspiration coming from the people around me and life in Raglan. I also love the earthiness of clay, in much of my work I will use minimal decoration allowing the warmth and the natural character of the clay to shine while using reclaimed glass to add colour and vibrancy.

Belinda Thomas with some of her distinctive vases in the background

Justine Davies

The best thing about playing with clay is the limitless exploration and surprise, in Justine’s opinion.

Justine works as a kindergarten teacher and is a very enthusiastic potter. She has been involved with the clay shed on and off for ten years and has been part of its evolution. You’ll find Justine regularly at clay play on members nights. She loves hand-building and creating bright coloured pieces such as totem stacks for the garden. Being a tutor allows her to give back to the Clay Shed and play a part in keeping this amazing community resource up and running.

Justine Davies with 2 bust sculptures

Merren Goodison

Raglan has been my home since 1991 when I moved here with my family, husband Mike and our three boys. Since then the boys have grown to men, Mike and I have started several businesses, and we have both found hobbies to keep ourselves very busy.

Playing with clay is one of the hobbies I have been passionate about over the years. There is always so much more to learn with this medium and after 15 years I still feel like a beginner.

I love introducing new people to the basics of working with clay, to see them giving it a go and enjoying the surprises.

Merren Goodison in the Whare Uku with her artworks

Lindy Moir

Lindy is a qualified Early Childhood Teacher who has been living in this coastal community for well over 30 years. She loves hand-building, and mark-making with clay, using stamps or tools. Nature here in Raglan offers textures and patterns that inspire her to create with clay. Lindy often finds herself making many beads to be used with natural resources, as well as creating more decorative, larger pieces such as fish. In this way she can hone in her work. Lindy says “I like to think that I bring the best version of myself to the Clay Shed.”

Lindy Moir outside her home

Sarah Bing

Sarah works from her Raglan home studio. She is a local potter who has been working with clay for the last 7 years.

Her work is a celebration of colour and while she mainly concentrates on wheel thrown functional ware, she also combines wheel throwing and handbuilding in her sculptural work.

Working from her home studio in Raglan, Sarah Bing celebrates colour and organic form via her painstaking decorative technique. Her functional pottery and fine art work is contemporary, unique and highly identifiable.

Sarah Bing in the garden with a sculpture

Susanne Prinz

Originally from Germany, Clay Shed manager Susanne Prinz’s motto is learning by doing.
She is a self-taught clay artist and sculptor, and her whimsical creations often relate to nature and her childhood experiences in her home country.
Susanne gets satisfaction from helping people achieve their own personal artistic goals in the Clay Shed.
You will often find her in the Clay Shed helping young and old have fun with clay at the monthly Raglan Creative Markets.
She has been the driving force behind fundraising activities for the new creative space that began being built in 2018.
The Clay Shed also caters for group and corporate bookings and Susanne tailors fun, creative workshops to suit your requirements.

Susanne Prinz in the original Clay Shed
Susanne Prinz in the Clay Shed

Clarissa Machado

I’m a Visual Arts kaiako having break from kura living the dream of working as a full time ceramicist under the name of Axe Ceramics. I’m originally from southern Brazil. I came to Aotearoa in 2017 and after getting our residency in 2022 we moved to Whaingaroa because of its obvious beauty, active art community and of course, the legendary surf. I love smaller communities because of how active everyone is and Whaingaroa is one example of how great things can happen when the community is engaged. I think being among friends and people that appreciate you are the real reasons why I might be seen almost every day at the OSAC.

Clarissa Machado posing ready to take a photograph with her camera