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20 thoughts on “Reservation

  • Katarina Mataira

    Nga mihi

  • OK that’s done. Thanks

  • Dianne Carter

    Good Morning Roger,
    May I please reserve 1 seat for the Lost King: Sunday 5th March?
    I’m coming from Huntly.
    Can You please Confirm…

  • OK That’s done – last ticket

  • Phoenix Waldorf

    Long time movie watcher, first time online cart reviewer. Best movie ticket buying experience. It blows all those other online carts out of the water.

  • Christine Griffiths

    Are there still 2 tickets available for Jesus Revolution?

    Many thanks,
    Christine Griffiths

  • Sorry all seats have gone. Next screenings are onSunday 18th at 4.30pm and 7.00pm.


  • Reserved 2tickets for Shackleton tonight and 2 tomorrow night for living.
    Carolyn Wilson
    Payment system not working

  • That’s correct. It is a reservation only system. You can pay at the door with cash or card.



  • 2 seats for “Living” this afternoon please

  • Hi Gavin

    I see you now have your reserves.



  • Hi can I book 2 adults 2 children for Kamchatka on Saturday 3rd September please? Nikki

  • Stephanie Philp

    I have a gift certificate, but system won’t let me enter it. Please book me for this. Gift cert is M1001

  • Annie Muirgen

    I have reserved 2 tickets for The Old Oak on Sunday at 4.30pm and will pick up and pay at door on the night.

  • David MARCH

    Hi, we reserved 2 tickets to pick up on the night please

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