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Raglan Film Festival: MONTEREY

September 22, 2016


Raglan Arts Film Festival - selection of nominee shorts

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If it was your family business facing ruin, would you let your head or your heart rule? If the only way to keep your dream alive meant destroying the tight-knit, loving unit you’d created, would you?

Monterey follows Paul and his partner Mira as they launch their Auckland café Monterey, hiring three young Samoan boys with no kitchen training and teaching them everything they know about hospitality. It’s a happy, nurturing family environment. But it’s not making money.

Over six years, Kiwi battler Paul and his Croatian partner Mira fight to keep Monterey open – finally bringing in a high-end UK chef to turn their misfortune around. But you can’t mix oil and water.

The result is heart-wrenching and poignant, a power struggle with many casualties and few winners.

Metro Magazine "This is not a highly eventful film. But it has weight. A small people-oriented business is a hard proposition: it can be a good life, or it can be what you have instead of a life. Either way, properly told it’s a Dickensian story. Burd has done a lovely job of capturing a chapter in the life of Auckland."

Emerging Film Maker Award for MONTEREY awarded to Director Lisa Burd at 2016 Doco Edge Film Festival.

Directed Lisa Burd

Documentary | 87 mins | M Offensive language | NZ

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