Raglan Art To Wear Biennial

RAGLAN Art To Wear 
presented by Raglan Community Arts Council 

5th &  6th June 2021, Raglan Town Hall, 41 Bow St, Raglan

All entries will present their piece to a live audience. Live show details are:

  • Saturday 5th June: 2 pm Show               
  • Saturday 5th June: 7 pm Show with Adult Awards Presentation
  • ‘Sunday matinee has been cancelled’ Sunday 6th June: 2 pm Children’s Awards Presentation

Audience tickets available $25, Tuesday 25th and Saturday 29th May 2021 from Raglan Old School Arts Centre, 5 Stewart St, Raglan (get in quick!)

TICKETS on sale at the Raglan Old School Arts Centre, 5 Stewart St, Raglan in TWO issues ; Tuesday  25th May at 10.00am Saturday 29th May at 10.00 am Please note that in the past these have sold very quickly ..
Either Cash or EFTPOS – Adult $25.00 Child $5.00 on the Mat for both afternoon shows . There will be NO mat for the Saturday night Show , Children must be on a chair at $25.00.

Entry forms & fees to be received by Friday 21 May 2021.

Post it to PO Box 47, Raglan or email it to: [email protected] Only entries received by this date can be guaranteed a complimentary ticket. Please note there is a $5 fee for children on the mat.

$30 for one entry, (includes 1 entry ticket to show,  if form is submitted by Friday 21 May 2021) $10 per entry thereafter. Internet banking email [email protected]

Each entry must include:

A photograph on a model or mannequin with a description and number of pieces included. Garments and accessories must be clearly named and must be strong enough to withstand rehearsals and shows. (Be creative and concise, including inspiration and processes used as this will be used in the artwork commentary)

Please note: Selected Artworks will be exhibited at the Old School for two weeks following show. *Raglan Community Arts Council is not responsible for the cost of return of artwork. This signed entry form constitutes permission for the submitted artwork & model to be filmed/photographed & images used by Raglan Art to Wear/Raglan Community Arts Council for future event promotion, archive, documentation & reports to sponsors & funding bodies. Raglan is a Zero Waste Community & judging will reflect this.

Registration Information:

All artwork must be received at the Town Hall on Friday 4 June between 3pm and 6pm. Full dress rehearsal will be at 10am Saturday 5 June (gold coin for support crew entry and photo opportunities).

Cash and/or awesome local product prizes are awarded to all section finalists, PLUS:

      Top Model –  Adult and Children $300 each

      People’s Choice Award $500

      Creative Youth’s Award $500

      Supreme Award – Adult and Children $500 each

For more information contact: Raglan Old School Arts Centre Team (07) 825 0023 or email: [email protected] OR Jean – [email protected]

Entries invited for the following sections:

Mystery Section – It’s in the Bag

A bag of tricks? What’s in the bag? What IS the bag? Limitless, imaginative, creative opportunity. Delve in or deconstruct. Guide or be guided by the contents. Let the cat out of the bag!

Children’s Section – ‘Lost at Sea’

Step into the world of Tangaroa and his brothers. Maui and his mighty hook. Explore the wonders of the natural world beneath the waves or dive into Greek mythology be it Mermaids or Water Dragons, Greek Gods and Goddesses, Poseidon or Amphitrite. Sunken ships and Treasure troves lost at sea waiting to be discovered and brought to life in a creative masterpiece.

Open Section – Colour – ‘Spice of Life’

Variety is the ‘Spice of Life’ Sights, sounds, and smells that evoke images of colourful markets selling spices of burnt orange and golden brown, Overflowing baskets of chilies, seeds and nuts, Billowing scarves in reds and golds. A world of colour culture and creativity blended into Art.

Open Section – Art to Life

Art is what we call the thing an artist does. It’s not the medium or the oil or the price or whether it hangs on a wall or you eat it. What matters, what makes it art, is that the person who made it overcame the resistance, ignored the voice of doubt and made something worth making. Something risky. Something human. Art is not in the eye of the beholder. It’s in the soul of the artist. – Seth Godin

Open Section – Carbon Neutral – Kaitiakitanga

We try to find our way through the darkness and uncertainty, dancing between chaos and balance, harmony and dissonance. Our atmosphere is haunted by decisions from the past; a time capsule reaching into the present and shaking our future. As a caretaker of this planet what impact do you have on the environment? Come together to spread change, widening the light of opportunity. Create your message, your hope, your footprint.

Internet banking. You can pay your registration fee directly into our bank account: 38 9018 0232468 00 Include your name and ATW 2021 as references. (Raglan Community Arts Council (Old School Arts Centre), Kiwibank, Bow St, Raglan.)