Movie: DOUGH –

A heavily bearded and yarmulked Jonathan Pryce (Game of Thrones, Tomorrow Never Dies) is Nat Dayan, a heimishe bakery owner in London whose century-old establishment is under siege. His loyal customers are either dying or leaving, while the next door mini-mart Cottons is expanding its baked goods with the help of Nat’s former apprentice and the recently widowed building owner Joanna Silverman (Pauline Collins) is looking to sell up.

It’s a British cultural-clash comedy that is sure to raise a few laughs and discussions.

Fairfax/ Stuff 3 1/2 Stars “A knockabout comedy with something to say about age and religion – ‘none of it matters.'”

Directed by John Goldschmidt (‘Maschenka’, ‘She’ll Be Wearing Pink Pyjamas’)
Starring Jonathan Pryce, Ian Hart, Philip Davis, Pauline Collins, Malachi Kirby, Andrew Ellis, Daniel Caltagirone, Matt Devere
Written by Jez Freedman, Jonathan Benson

Comedy, Drama | 94mins M Drug use | UK, Hungary

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