Jul 27: Dahl Fundraiser

The new creative space taking place behind the Old School Art Centre will allow more people from our community to have creativity seats allowing self-expression. A lot of time and effort have been put into nourishing that building which is slowly coming to life.

A community fundraiser will be host by the Old School Art Centre on Saturday the 27th of July 5pm-7pm, we will be serving Dahl & Rice or Soup & Bread for $10 a plate!

No need to cook on Saturday, just come and take your friends, your lover, your family or yourself out for some yummy and warm food. Next door to us, “The sounds of India” will be playing the sitar and other amazing instruments. This is a completely different event from our fundraiser but we are connected by the thematic of the night.

On behalf of everyone who will be able to attend workshops/classes and find growth within that new creative space, THANK YOU! All of your contributions are helping to make this vision into reality. You truly are appreciated.

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