What’s Showing at the 2015 Raglan Film Festival

The Old School Art Centre’s 2015 Raglan Film Festival has an exciting and entertaining lineup of feature films. The festival opens with Ever the Land on Friday 11th September at 8pm. This film features construction of a living building by TÅ«hoe. Using non toxic locally sourced materials they construct a magnificent building for their future.

All Raglan Film Festival screenings are preceded by short film entries in the Raglan Arts Film Festival Awards.

For more information check out the Raglan Film Festival website or download the  Raglan Film Festival 2015 Programme Guide

Ever the Land

Friday 11 September, 8pm & Saturday 12 September, 4.30pm.

The Living building. Image supplied
The Living building featured in EVER THE LAND. Image supplied

For 150 years, the relationship between Tūhoe and the New Zealand government has been defined by longstanding grievances over colonisation experiences. Then, in 2014 history was made: Tūhoe’s ancestral homelands were returned, the New Zealand government gave an official apology and Tūhoe built the first ever “Living Building” in New Zealand, conceived as a testament to their values and vision of self-governance. Ever the Land tracks the birth of this building and provides an artful insight into the gentle ebb and flow of Tūhoe life.

Documentary | 1hr 30mins | Exempt | Country of Origin: New Zealand.

Feature will be preceded by Raglan Arts Film Festival Award entry, TIPAHEE by Komako Silver.


Saturday 12 September, 8pm & Sunday 13 September, 4.30pm.

in Tangerines - Image supplied
Harvesting tangerines in a war zone – Image supplied

In 1992, war breaks out in the Abkhazia region of Georgia. Most of the Estonians living in Abkhazia flee the combat region, but Ivo, a taciturn grandfather, insists on staying behind to help his neighbour, Margus, harvest tangerines. The war reaches them quickly and after a fire fight on their doorstep, Ivo takes in two serious casualties: a Georgian and a Chechen. As the war rages outside, the two sworn enemies must find a way to resolve their differences.

2015 Academy Award and Golden Globe Award nominee (Best Foreign Language Film).

Drama, War, World Cinema | 1hr 27mins | M | Violence & offensive language | Country of Origin: Estonia, Georgia | Language: Russian, Georgian and Estonian with English subtitles.

Raglan Film Festival Screening

Feature will be preceded by Raglan Arts Film Festival Award entry, ROSS & BETH.

Tomorrow We Disappear

Sunday 13 September, 8pm & Friday 18 September, 4.30pm.

At first glance the Kathputli Colony, an artist colony hidden away in the alleyways of New Delhi, looks like any other Indian slum. Flies swarm its putrid canals. Children climb on drooping electrical wires. Construction cranes and an ever-expanding Metro line loom on the horizon. But Kathputli is a place of magic. For half a century, 2,800 jugglers, acrobats, puppeteers, painters, folk singers and magicians have called its narrow alleyways home. Then in 1992, the New Delhi government sells Kathputli to developers. The land is to be bulldozed to make room for the city’s first-ever skyscraper and the artists must find a way to unite…or splinter apart forever.

Documentary | 1hr 20mins | Exempt | Country of Origin: USA.

Raglan Film Festival Screening

Feature will be preceded by Raglan Arts Film Festival Award entry, SAVE MAUI DOLPHIN TODAY.

Wine, beer, hot drinks, juices and delicious homemade treats for sale at every movie.

Adults $11, children $6. Phone 825 0023 to reserve seats, or email

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