Category: Movies Movie- ROMANTIC ROAD (4.30pm)

Movie- ROMANTIC ROAD (4.30pm)

November 15, 2020

Switch Lily Meek, "As soon as 'Romantic Road' starts, you come to the understanding that Rupert Grey is a walking paradox - a London lawyer and walking oddity of fun self-expression. This documentary is the story of Rupert embracing old age. Content with his life of obscurity and adventure, he sets about conquering retirement with some serious risk-taking. After much research and a lifelong dream, Rupert travels the entire outskirts of India in his father's old Rolls Royce, a gesture quite poignant in its commemoration of both his father and the service of the car to the family."

BEST OF FESTIVAL - Victoria Film Festival

One English couple. One battered English car. 5000 miles through the heart of India.

Meet Rupert and Jan Grey, a free-spirited and eccentric upper-class English couple in their sixties, married for 35 years and on the verge of retirement.

At a time when most couples are preparing for a simple life, this intrepid couple ignore everyone’s advice and embark on a remarkable journey – to drive Rupert’s father’s 1936 Rolls Royce across India on their way to a photography festival in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Over six months and some 5000 miles, they fall into company with tea-wallahs and maharajahs, dodge tribal conflicts, negotiate with border officials and make constant mechanical repairs.

Truly unique among adventure films, Oliver McGarvey’s stunning documentary is at once a rare glimpse into an inspired expedition, a study of a love story 35 years in the making and a reminder to never stop embracing the possibilities of life.

Director: Oliver McGarvey (feature debut)
Cast: Rupert Grey, Jan GreyMark Sealy, Ankur Vikal

PG, Coarse language & drug references 81 mins Bangladesh, Canada, India, Nepal, UK 2017

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