Category: Movies Movie- MURU (5.00pm)

Movie- MURU (5.00pm)

September 17, 2022

(Extra session: MURU is also screening Sunday Sept. 18th at 6:45 pm)
Inspired by actual events, MURU is the story of a local Police Sergeant ‘Taffy’ Tāwharau (Cliff Curtis), who must choose between duty to his badge or his people, when the Government invoke antiterrorism powers to launch an armed raid on Taffy’s remote Urewera community, on a school day.
Tearepa Kahi (Mt Zion) directs this Aotearoa action thriller based on the 2007 Tūhoe police raids. Stars Cliff Curtis, Simone Kessell (Obi-Wan Kenobi), Manu Bennett (Arrow), Jay Ryan (It: Chapter Two) and Tame Iti as himself.

Taffy’s father’s close associate, Tame Iti runs a series of boot camps in the valley called ‘Rama’ (fire light). These camps are centred around survival skills and to keep their shared Tūhoe identity alive. Despite many invitations, Taffy has never attended Camp Rama. Unknown to everyone in the valley, Rama has been under police surveillance for six months and when a troubled youth (Rusty) fires a loaded rifle, surveillance footage triggers a response, led by Captain Gallagher and an elite STG unit.

With pressure mounting to intervene, Gallagher starts to doubt the veracity of Tame Iti as a potential domestic terrorist. Tensions heighten when Rusty is caught in a domestic disturbance and rather than locking him up, Taffy takes Rusty to Camp Rama to deal with the situation.

While Rusty joins the Rama circle and learns about his Tūhoe identity, Taffy sees a dark shape beyond the campfire and gives chase.  Taffy pursues the runner through the bush and discovers a surveillance van. Gallagher steps out and confronts Taffy, 'Are you with us, or are you with Tame?' Taffy senses the danger to his community and chooses to help Gallagher facilitate a safe round up of Tame and other targets, but the Government betrays this agreement when Gallagher launches the Police Raid on a school day. During the raid, something goes wrong, leading to Taffy to make a bigger choice, 'serve or protect'.

This gripping action drama is not a re-creation, but a response to the 2007 Tūhoe raids. MURU is a Māori concept for 'forgiveness’.

Director: Tearepa Kahi
Cast: Cliff Curtis, Simone Kessell, Jay Ryan, Manu Bennett, Tame Iti
2022 M, Viol. & off. lang.104 mins NZ Jawbone Pictures

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