Raglan Arts Film Festival Checklist


  • Does the story have a clear structure and plot?
  • Are the characters adequately developed and relevant?
  • Is the story original and engaging?
  • Does the film have pace and continuity?

Creativity and Originality

  • Does the writing and direction use imaginative and creative ways to convey the theme?
  • Does the film exhibit originality?
  • Does the film display innovative ideas or story telling techniques?


  • How strongly does this entry stimulate thoughts and ideas?
  • Does the film provoke an emotional response?

Technical Quality

There are three technical components to rate the technical skills and methods used:


  • Is the camera steady and are the shots framed and focused?
  • Are close-ups and camera angles used to add meaning to the story?
  • Is the lighting and camera positioning visually effective?


  • Does the editing help to clarify the story and enhance the pacing and flow of the story?
  • Are transitions smooth and well-paced or distracting?
  • Are the opening titles and closing credits appealing and easy to read?

Audio, Music, Sound Effects

  • Does the audio and soundtrack complement the story?
  • Is the dialogue and/or narration clear and easy to understand?
  • If there are sound effects, are they appropriate to the story or do they detract from the film?