RAFFA 2016

2015 RAFFA winners
2015 RAFFA winners

The Raglan Arts Film Festival Awards (RAFFA) celebrate the achievements of local Raglan Whaingaroa film-makers and actors. Films are awarded in various categories, as well as the overall RAFFA Creative Force Award.

The 2016 RAFFA (Raglan Arts Film Festival Award) awards ceremony will be held in September at the Raglan Old School Arts Centre.

2016 RAFFA Entries

Dr Who – The Weeping Angels

9:20 mins
Director: Joshua Alexander

Weeping Angels arrive on Earth through a crack in time and space to destroy the world, it is up to the Dr to save the day.

Daniel Kereopa

5 mins
Alison Teal

Adventurer and film-maker Alison Teal meets renowned surfer Daniel Kereopa. He discusses his relationship with the environment and the importance of passing on knowledge to the next generation.

Outside In

42 mins
Aaron Mooar

Documentary on Whaingaroa Youth Movement.

Welcome to Raglan

13 mins
Sara Guix Ortigosa

Sara shares her views on her adopted home, Raglan.

Maui Dolphins – The Resurrection

3:36 mins
Kevin Etherington

Two kids raise awareness around Raglan in an effort to save Maui dolphins.

The Chase

2:35 mins
Vincent Leger

Victim chases mugger after his phone is stolen.

Being an Equestrian

3:13 mins
Ariana Livingston

Ariana’s take on what it takes to be an Equestrian.


1:14 mins
Director: Sam Mathers

Sam Mathers talks about his paintings.

Video portrait

3:10 mins
Director: Sam Mathers

Sam Mathers talks about his paintings.

Get a Bag

2:47 mins
Director: Andy Duggan

Comedy music video encouraging reusable bags.


2 mins
Director: Andy Duggan

Comedy promoting reduction of waste.

Old Toast

3 mins
Director: Billy-Lee Pope

Surfing action in Bali with Billy Stairmand.