RAFFA 2012

The 2012 RAFFA Winners
The 2012 RAFFA Winners

The Raglan Arts Film Festival Awards (RAFFA) celebrate the achievements of local Raglan Whaingaroa film-makers and actors. Films are awarded in various categories, as well as the overall RAFFA Creative Force Award. The RAFFA award trophy is designed by local Whaingaroa steel artist, Philip Meek.

The 2012 RAFFA (Raglan Arts Film Festival Award) awards ceremony was held on the 22nd September at the Raglan Old School Arts Centre.

The nominees and award winners were:

Best Editor
Nominees: Maryann Tuao (Whiff Drawers), Micah Puklowski (Monochromacy), Turanga Kereopa (Darkness to Light and Skinny)
WINNER: Turanga Kereopa for the music video ‘Skinny’ by Ariana

Best Soundtrack
Nominees: Whiff Drawers, Monochromacy, Sky Whisperers Ranginui
WINNER: Aroha Yates-Smith for Sky Whisperers Ranginui

Best Music Video:
Nominees: Darkness to Light (NRG Rising), Skinny (Ariana), Silent Tears (Little Lapin), Journey (Cornerstone Roots)
WINNER: Silent Tears by Little Lapin and Indie Productions

Best Documentary:
Nominees: Sky Whisperers Ranginui, Te Kumara, Art to Wear 2012
WINNER: Tuihana Bosch on behalf of Te Mauri Tau for Te Kumara

Best Environmental Film
Nominees: KASM by KASM, Sky Whisperers Ranginui

Best Producer:
Nominees: Maryann Tuao (Whiff Drawers), Brian Ruawai (Journey), Tuihana Bosch (Te Kumara)
WINNER: Brian Ruawai for Journey – Cornerstone Roots

Best Director
Nominees: Maryann Tuao (Whiff Drawers), Micah Puklowski (Monochromacy), Turanga Kereopa (Skinny)
WINNER: Micah Puklowski for Monochromacy

Best Actress
Nominees: Athene Jensen (Whiff Drawers), Ariana Brunet, Tassanee Puklowski (Monochromacy)
WINNER: Athene Jensen

Best Actor
Nominees: Reiki Ruawai (The Dump), Marten Ten Broek (Whiff Drawers)
WINNER: Reiki Ruawai for the Dump

Best Cinematography
Nominees: Micah Puklowski (Monochromacy), Kathleen Gallagher (Sky Whisperers Ranginui), Maryann Tuao (Whiff Drawers), Juan Duazo (Art to Wear 2012)
WINNER: Juan Duazo for Art to Wear 2012 for successfully capturing the enthusiasm and creativity of all the Art to Wear participants.

The special awards

Newcomer Award
Billy Lee-Pope for filming of the 1st Grom Skateboard Competition

Creative Force Award
The film festival panel wish to acknowledge Maryann Tuao of Groundswell Media for a productive 2012 year! Maryann has also during the year provided support, encouragement and mentored many local talents living here in Raglan towards developing their careers in the film industry.

The 2012 RAFFA award trophy, designed and created by Phil Meek

International Film Award
The Most Fun You Can Have Dying
The film festival panel wished to recognise the difficulty of filming with a low budget and filming overseas. The bulk of the film is set in Europe, so Kirstin’s crew had to employ the number-eight wire mentality New Zealanders are famous for over the 10 days they spent shooting exterior shots on location. There was an interview with Kirstin where she said “We shot on five trains and one aeroplane, all illegally, – we would wait on the trains until nobody was looking, we’d put sentries at the end of carriages to make sure none of the official people were coming, and then we’d just quickly shoot”

Grand Prize Best Film Award
Goes to Whiff Drawers, Groundswell Media for the tremendous effort to produce something of this quality in the 48 hours competition. Maryann managed to assemble a talented team to work together during the V48 Hours to produce Whiff Drawers which rivals teams of professional film makers who have been entering V48 hours for years – a real showcase for talent in Raglan!

The RAFFA awards were designed by Phil and Emily Meek from Surreal Steel.  The award design captures the old-school style of a film movie reel.