RAFFA 2010

Red carpet Raglan-style at the 2010 RAFFA awards night
All nominated short films were screened at the awards night along with excerpts from TV series and feature length films. The 2010 RAFFA award trophy was designed by local Whaingaroa steel artist, Philip Meek.


Cool Summer Tour
Pukeko Princess
350 Flashmob
This Is Not My Life
Chronicles of the Sky Child

Winners from the 2010 RAFFAs.
2010 RAFFA recipients

Turanga Kereopa: The RAFFA Creative Visual Award
Maryann Tuao: RAFFA Best Musical Feature
Micah Puklowski: RAFFA Best Drama
Patti Mitchley: The RAFFA Environment Award
Nane McLean: The RAFFA Creative Force Award
Ariana Brunet: RAFFA Best Actress
Reiki Ruawai: RAFFA Best Actor

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