Film festival emerges from self-isolation

Get your lockdown movies out of self-isolation for the 2021 Raglan Arts Film Festival Awards.

2020 may have been cancelled due to pandemic mayhem but this year is the perfect opportunity to revive last years’ filmmaking endeavours or inspire your future direction.

Old School Arts Centre manager Jacqueline Anderson says that people around the world didn’t let lockdown boredom dampen their creativity.

“There was so much to see online from lockdown songs, dramas, animation, horrors, dystopian thrillers and hilarious comedies. I’m sure there is plenty of filmmaking that has happened in our back yard and we want to celebrate our local talent.”

Plus, she says, there’s plenty of inspiration from the lockdown for people who want to start shooting their film now.

“There’s so much scope for fabulous filmmaking that could come out of this pandemic, but don’t let that be your only inspiration. The only thing that is holding you back is your imagination.”

No need for fancy equipment, some of the top films over the last few festivals were made using a mobile phone and free online video editors.

“The hard work is coming up with a cool storyline. Once you have that you can whip out your mobile phone and start filming,” she says.

Nominations for the RAFFAs are now open to all ages and the only criteria is the film must be associated with Raglan Whāingaroa – either the filmmakers, production crew or actors, or part of the film must have been shot or edited in Raglan.

Awards and prizes – including cash and trophies – will be presented at a Red Carpet Awards night in September.

Enter at, or contact us at the Old School Arts Centre in Stewart Street, 07 825 0023 or [email protected] for more details.

Deadline for nomination entry forms is Friday, July 2.

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