Drama, war, world cinema
Country: Estonia, Georgia
Language: Russian, Georgian and Estonian with English subtitles
Length: 87 mins
Rating: M, violence & offensive language

In 1992, war breaks out in the Abkhazia region of Georgia. Most of the Estonians living in Abkhazia flee the combat region, but Ivo, a taciturn grandfather, insists on staying behind to help his neighbour, Margus, harvest tangerines. The war reaches them quickly and after a fire fight on their doorstep, Ivo takes in two serious casualties: a Georgian and a Chechen. As the war rages outside, the two sworn enemies must find a way to resolve their differences. 2015 Academy Award and Golden Globe Award nominee (Best Foreign Language Film).

Screening times

Saturday 12 September, 8pm
Sunday 13 September, 4.30pm