Red, White, Black and Blue

Red White Black Blue2012

Length 81 mins

Red White Black and Blue follows a group of rugby-playing Los Angeles students as they travel from the troubled neighbourhoods of South Los Angeles to the passionate playing fields of New Zealand. Amidst the rough and tumble of the game, qualities are tested and characters formed. Watch out for their game in Raglan!

“A fascinating, emotional and uplifting film that shows the power of sport to bring together people from such disparate backgrounds.” Bootleg Film Festival, Edinburgh

Idyllwild Cinemafest Best Documentary
Canada International Film Festival Rising Star Award
Amsterdam Film Festival Best Documentary Film Editing
San Diego Black Film Festival Best Documentary (nominated)
Documentary Edge Festival Best New Zealand Documentary (nominated)
Africa Movie Academy Awards Best Diaspora Documentary (nominated)

Screening times
Friday 13 September 8.00pm