Movies for Kids

Brought to you by Flux Animation

For ages 2 to 8

Puzzle Inc, season 2 (10 mins)
Features a bunch of colourful and loveable shapes, full of life, and packed with personality. Circles, triangles and stars, energetically skipping, dancing, tumbling and solving problems. At the same time kids see the basics of shape, colour, maths, physics and creativity. Clumsy, sweet and comical, in the end they always get it right!

Just Imagine, season 1 (10 mins)
Kids imagine themselves performing jobs that they want to do when they grow up. The program visits the real job and shows what’s involved.

Hoops & Yoyo Ruin Christmas (22 mins)
Hoops and Yoyo wait up to see Santa, and end up in his sleigh, travelling with him to visit everyone in the world in one night. Falling off the sleigh part-way through, they go back in time with a young Kris Kringle. This disrupts the natural order of events so Kris Kringle and Santa are in a desperate race to set things right.

Screening time
Saturday 15 September 1.30pm

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