2019 RAFFA Entries

Fairfield Project  Fairfield College has surplus land, that could be developed commercially. This is the environmental education project and how it would benefit the people, environment and native bird life.

Shazzo     Shazzo discovers a plastic bag floating seductively in the breeze. She quickly falls in love with its convenience.

Alone   Madison is struggling to focus at school and feeling alone at home whilst her best friend Lennon is in a coma.

I am not home right now  Simulation – Ngarunui Beach – Raglan – New Zealand

Who Owns The Ocean    Luke Cederman digs deep to uncover the truth; who really owns the ocean.

Numero Uno and the Karioi Classic    Meet Mark Reynolds, the Karioi Classic’s Number One rider, and follow his 2018 race.

Stranger Tides    Stranger Tides shows the process of recording the single Stranger Tides in the music studio.

Buzz Shakes   Listen to Raglan Funk outfit “Mighty Mighty” with their current release “Buzz Shakes”.

Stranger Tides House Concert Tour     A house concert for Teia Kennedy’s Stranger Tides Ep release tour.

Climate Kids    All round the world young people are voicing their concern about Climate Change. Raglan children are striking from school to let the world know change is coming.

Look Closer      Follow the daily routine of a young student living with an alcoholic mother.

We are among the stars, not beneath them    A celebration of Matariki. It embodies the innate gifts of Matariki’s daughters.

The Ross Ormsby Life Adventure    Ross Ormsby is a tetraplegic, join him on some of his amazing and inspiring life adventures.

Evil Alien    A hand drawn animated film. An alien who comes down from his spacecraft and disintegrates a man with a laser gun.

One And A Half Men: Contest Prep    Billy Stairmand and Luke Cederman go through their different ways of preparing for a big surfing event.

Order for Sue Two old school friends that share not only the same name but both drive red cars, meet for coffee in the funky seaside town of Raglan.

Yoi Shippuden     Yoi is a new student to Konohagakure, a place where people with special quirks attend. Warui is trying to destroy the school. Yoi steps in.

Anthropomorphism    The relationship between human beings and objects.

Aroha’s Story (I Don’t like Love) The often unspoken story of a young girl.

Passion Fruit   Meet Giulia and Andrea, two Italian surfers who settled in Aotearoa New Zealand to follow their passion for surfing. More Freedom Less Perfection!

Gymnastic      Even though gymnastics is a hard sport and you fail a lot, you need to try not to give up. It’s the best thing ever.

A SADD Comedy     Please focus on driving safely.

Raglan Vice    There has been a murder in town and detectives, Griffen and Bones are here to solve the mystery.