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Thumbkin Thursday

July 6, 2017

AJ at Travelling Tales invites all parents with infants and toddlers to 

Thumbkin Thursday 

 This is an opportunity to: 

  • Learn age appropriate finger plays, rhymes and actions songs to share with your infant and/or toddler. 
  • Get developmental information on building relationships and language development. 
  • Contribute ideas to futures sessions.  Think about what you would like to learn about and share with your child.  
  • Meet other parents with children of a similar age. 
  • Have a casual cuppa and a chat. 

Sessions will be held on Thursdays at the Old School Arts Centre on Stewart Street. 

An infants group will run from 10am to 10.45am.   This will be a quieter time where parents can learn fingerplays and rhymes to share with their child.  This will provide parents with songs to sing with young children, support relationship development and language development.  Children this age have short attention spans so we will gage how long this will go for before having an informal cuppa and a chat. 


A toddlers group will run from 11am to 11.45am.  This time is aimed at engaging parents and toddlers in learning finger plays, rhymes and action songs that will support language development, movement and can be taken into the home to use.  After this AJ will tell a short story before having a cuppa and a chat. 

 Other information: 

  • If you have an infant and a toddler choose one of the sessions and bring both of your youngsters. 
  • First session free. 
  • Photocopies of the songs we learn will be provided to take home. 
  • Tea, coffee, herbal tea and hot chocolate will be provided.  

Blurb about AJ: 

AJ is a qualified early childhood teacher with a Masters in Theatre Studies.  She has spent years Storytelling and most recently has been lecturing at Wintec on the Bachelor of Teaching (ECE).  AJ has just had her first baby and wants to share skills and creative ideas with other parents of infants and toddlers.

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