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Starting a Social Enterprise

June 6, 2017

Starting a Social Enterprise

9.30 - 1.30pm Tuesday 6 June

Raglan Old School Arts Centre

Admission: Free

If you’re starting a social enterprise or have a great idea you want to explore, find out how to give it the best start with our ‘Starting a Social Enterprise’ workshop.

Taking the first steps with your venture can seem intimidating; you have a fantastic idea but are not sure what’s needed to get it started.  This workshop will give you the confidence to set the wheels in motion.

This workshop will cover:

  • What is social enterprise?
  • Starting with purpose
  • What is a social enterprise business model?
  • Starting your social enterprise
  • Testing your idea with customers
  • Next steps

Come and learn the importance of purpose, explore how business modelling can help you design a social enterprise that works and find out how to test your idea to check that you are on the right track.


Meet other like-minded people, get inspired and find out how and where to start driving your venture forward.This is an interactive workshop that includes learning from Ākina's experienced facilitators, practical work and peer learning.


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