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Raglan Film Festival screening

November 13, 2022

Doors open 4pm, then screening starts 4:30

Entry by koha


All of the following entries will screen:

Tamariki (under 13)

Go Kart Run
An old go-kart needs a revamp to bring it back to life. 7 mins

Life of a Kid in Raglan
Raglan! Get off Tik Tok. 5 mins

Tinkerbell Shrek Gets Discovered
Tinkerbell Shrek has been hiding her whole life behind the Te Mata School pool. 2 mins

Rangatahi (13 to 16)

Escape from Everything
Reliving day nightmares in our dream. 2 mins

The Last Heist
Kilo01 purses one last heist. 3 mins

Other Worlds
A teen struggling with Tourette's syndrome has trouble making friends and looks for a way to escape.
2 mins

Beans Hide and Seek
Let’s go and play. 2 mins

Waste of time
Are you wasting time? 4 mins

Open Amateur (over 16)

West Coast Jazz
Freddy Limbert's art of the drum solo with the local band 'West Coast Jazz'. 10 mins

Biff and Arthur B
Arthur Robert Jenkins is constantly bullied by Biff Bradley. 5 mins

Operation Godless M
A covert group of hunters neutralising threats. 10 mins

Raglan Gems
A documentary: Raglan Coastal and Estuarine birds. 5 mins

The Kill Order PG
A man plays solitaire in a hotel room. 10 mins

Biff and Arthur A
Arthur Robert Jenkins is constantly bullied by Biff Bradley. 5 mins

Despite being belittled by his own conscious, Jackson finds the solution he needs to fix his old TV. 10 mins

Billy the Kid
Two old Dudes having fun in Te Mata. 5 mins

Open Professional (over 18)

Painting With Places
The painting practice of Amanda Watson, a local Whaingaroa artist, who makes her paintings outside in the natural environment. 4 mins

In Solitude
The sun sets looking out from the jetty at the end of Bow Street, Raglan. 5 mins

Cold-Blooded-Dermatographic Locutions PG
What if everything you said was to stain your skin as well as the skin of the person you would be
speaking to? 16 mins

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