Category: Movies Movie- THE CHOSEN Season 4 Eps 1 & 2 (4.30pm)

Movie- THE CHOSEN Season 4 Eps 1 & 2 (4.30pm)

February 3, 2024

The CHOSEN season 4 is getting a theatrical run when it arrives in February 2024. Audiences can expect an emotionally heavy season as the plot centers on the final weeks and months of Jesus's life, including the death of John the Baptist and Judas's betrayal.

Clashing kingdoms. Rival rulers. The enemies of Jesus close in while His followers struggle to keep up, leaving him to carry the burden alone. Threatened by the reality of Jesus’ growing influence, religious leaders do the unthinkable—ally with their Roman oppressors. As the seeds of betrayal are planted and opposition to Jesus’ message turns violent, he’s left with no alternative but demand his followers RISE UP.

The cast, including Jonathan Roumie as Jesus and Shara Isaac as Simon Peter, will largely remain the same, with other familiar characters returning as well.

The CHOSEN season 4 will continue Dallas Jenkins’s highly successful modern imagining of the life of Jesus Christ, and the 2024 release date for the return of Jonathan Roumie’s praised portrayal will once again be in theaters. The Chosen first debuted in 2017 and quickly gained attention beyond its core Faith-based viewership. The show has been incredibly well received by both critics and general audiences, swelling in viewership before its popularity exploded when it arrived on Peacock in 2021.

The Chosen season 4 will have a theatrical run before becoming available for streaming or being broadcast (presumably on The CW). The first episodes of The Chosen season 4 will arrive on February 1, with the remaining 5 released biweekly throughout the rest of the month.

The cast of The Chosen season 4 is expected to remain more-or-less unchanged from the first three seasons. Jonathan Roumie (Jesus Revolution) will once again be portraying Jesus Christ, with Shara Isaac (Madam Secretary) back as lead disciple Simon Peter. Mary Magdalene will of course be played once more by Elizabeth Tabish (The Shift).

All three have received praise for their performances in The Chosen, with each being noted for making the Biblical figures relatable (especially Roumie in the lead as Jesus).

THE CHOSEN Season 4 Eps 1 & 2 | PG 141 mins | USA

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