Category: Movies Movie- GAUGUIN IN TAHITI. PARADISE LOST (7.00pm)


December 6, 2020

From Tahiti to the Marquesas Islands.

GAUGUIN IN TAHITI. PARADISE LOST turns the adventure book that was Gauguin’s life into images, but it is also a story of failure. This was because Gauguin was unable to break free from his own origins, and the ambitions and privileges of modern man. He was, after all, a citizen of a colonial power: he painted among the palm trees,but his thoughts were directed towards people in the West. A paradox that was reflected in the fate of his work, since his paintings are now kept in major international museums where every year millions of people stop in front of those canvases from Tahiti, dreaming of their moment of paradise.

It was April 1st 1891 when Paul Gauguin left Marseille on board the ship Océanien, bound for Tahiti, Polynesia. He was 43 years old and that day marked the beginning of a journey that would take him to the opposite side of the civilized world, in search of the dawn of Time and of Man. Gauguin (1848-1903) would remain in the Tropics almost without interruption until his death: twelve years spent desperately and feverishly searching for authenticity, for deeper immersions into lush nature, for feelings, visions and colours, ever purer and brighter; finally landing in a Garden of Eden that could sometimes be cruel, but was to make him one of the greatest painters ever,of those whose source of inspiration was an overseas Muse.

Director: Claudio Poli

Documentary Exempt 88 mins UK 2019

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