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Mark Laurent & Brenda Liddiard

April 22, 2016

Mark and Brenda are part of that secret army of ‘indie’ musicians who fly just below the commercial radar, playing grass-roots music in an “unplugged” style.  They’ve been touring New Zealand, Australia & the UK for more than 20 years, and what they enjoy most is to connect with audiences on an intimate level.  They love playing  acoustic clubs, small theatres, house concerts, churches - wherever people want to come close and really listen.  But they can also be found jamming in a crowded cafe/bar, or filling large open spaces, like city squares or festival marquees, with the sound of guitars, mandolin, Rowan lute and harmonies.

They’re both songwriters, with their own styles, so they’ve become each others’ backing band.  Mark has a penchant for acoustic rock, blues & reggae, whereas Brenda’s songs lean more towards new folk & alt. country.  So what you get is an eclectic mix of material, that can be ‘pin drop’ delicate, or sound like a 4-piece band!  They often also pepper their shows with short bursts of poetry as well, just to keep things interesting.


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