Category: Exhibition International tattoo artist Daisy Watson exhibits at Old School

International tattoo artist Daisy Watson exhibits at Old School

March 2, 2019 March 16, 2019

Purlieu welcomes the second artist-in-residence Daisy Watson (pictured) to its month-long summer residency programme in Raglan. Known as @daisydoestattoos on Instagram, Daisy designs dreamy
tattoos inspired by modern art that are one-off original pieces she can adapt to fit the ‘wearer’.

Her surrealistic pieces pay homage to iconic artists like Pablo Picasso, Jean Cocteau, and Jean Arp.
Born in Australia and living in Berlin on a freelance artist’s visa, she left art school after six-months
and has worked mainly as a tattoo artist but has since ventured into design, jewellery-making, screenprinting, painting hand drawing on fabric.

She will spend time in Raglan creating and tattooing at Raglan Tattoo Studio, culminating in an exhibition at the Old School Arts Centre.

Purlieu is the brainchild of local tattoo artist Tom Hinton and is a hybrid between a guest spot and
an artist-in-residence programme. Purlieu promotes the development of traditional, contemporary and
experimental tattooing.

Daisy’s exhibition runs from March 2 - 16, 10am-2pm.
Opening - Saturday 2 March at 1pm - all are welcome.

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