Category: Movies FULL HOUSE - SOLD OUT: Encore screening Movie- RIVER OF FREEDOM (3.45pm)

FULL HOUSE - SOLD OUT: Encore screening Movie- RIVER OF FREEDOM (3.45pm)

November 5, 2023

FULL HOUSE - The 3.45pm session is sold out. There may be a few cancellations available at the door from 5 mins before the screening times.
ENCORE SCREENINGRiver of Freedom is a feature documentary about the New Zealanders that occupied parliament grounds in early 2022 - who the people were, why they were there, and what happened. 

The Platform, "Doco on anti-mandate protests shapes up to be a sleeper hit. Director Gaylene Barnes' excellent documentary River of Freedom on the anti-mandate protests in Wellington will be welcomed by the government in much the same way Nicky Hager's books have been in the run-up to elections.

RIVER OF FREEDOM how thousands of New Zealanders begin a convoy to Wellington from Cape Reinga and Bluff with a clear message to the government - end the mandates.

Yellow Car from Goodbye Pork Pie Photo Dane Scott

On the road to Parliament are people from all walks of life - teachers and students, caregivers and medical professionals, first responders, tradies, musicians, commercial pilots, farmers, business owners, government employees, all suffering some form of loss, whether it be employment, education, connections, wellbeing or opportunities, the impact is both significant and real.  The convoy sparks hope for them and the many others who have been negatively affected across the nation!

New Zealanders gather on the lawn of Parliament to express their grievances, intent on change and expecting democratic representation. Local tangata whenua welcome the protestors and together they co-create a ‘freedom village’ - a symbol of resistance, resilience, and kotahitanga (unity).

They stand strong in the face of police arrests, psychological tactics orchestrated by the Speaker of the House, gale force winds and Wellington’s second wettest day on record.
However, the people are ignored. Under Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's leadership, all 120 representative Members of Parliament collectively agree not to communicate with the protestors.

After 23 days, the New Zealand Police ambush the community in a dawn raid, forcibly removing everyone with weapons never before used in Aotearoa.

River of Freedom is made by professional filmmakers present during the convoy and occupation - the largest and most diverse protest movement in New Zealand’s history. 

Director: Gaylene Barnes

Producers: Jared Connon & Julian Arahanga

Executive Producer: Robin Monotti Graziadei

Distributor: Self / BRAIDED FILMS LTD

NZ Release: Friday 8th September 2023

Run time: 154 mins, Documentary Exempt

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