Category: Exhibition Exhibition: Regarding Karioi; an artistic exploration of the maunga

Exhibition: Regarding Karioi; an artistic exploration of the maunga

September 11, 2022 September 25, 2022

A constant presence to all who live in Whāingaroa is our maunga, our mountain, Karioi looming large over the landscape. Just how some members of RaglanArt regard Karioi will be on display in an upcoming art exhibition in the Old School Gallery in September. Likened to a 'sleeping lady', Karioi is ever present, whether she is shrouded in cloud or fully revealed. There are many different aspects of Karioi - the bush, the steep faces, the surrounding land.

Janet Scott, In my foothills

In the RaglanArt exhibition ‘Regarding Karioi’, the members will explore what Karioi means to them. With two photographers and eight artists, there is sure to be a wide range of interpretation of ‘The Sleeping Lady’. Exhibiting artists are Elsa Lye, Janet Scott, Wanda Barker, Lois Brooks, Julie Macdonald, Richard Gemmell, Dyana Wells, Helma van der Pasch, Catherine Houston and Loesje de Bree.

Opening night - Sat, Sept 10, from 2pm-5pm and the exhibition will run through until Sun, Sept 25, from 10am-3pm.

Taiwhanga Whakaatu | The Gallery at the Old School
5 Stewart St
Raglan, Coastal Waikato 3225
New Zealand

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