Talented and creative tutors are available in a variety of the arts at the Old School Arts Centre and other locations in and around Raglan Whaingaroa, covering a wide range of levels. Classes and workshops run regularly throughout the year.

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Karron Campbell

Karron Campbell

Born in West Yorkshire, UK. Educated in the fine arts. Teacher/Lecturer/ facilitator and runs the After School Clay Classes at the Old School Arts Centre.

Karron works from her Gallery/studio ‘The Creative Workshop’ on Cogswell Road, which Karron and her daughter Rickie have developed in what was once, a pig shed on their bush clad property.

She came to live in New Zealand in 2008.

Her inspiration comes from all things living in the bush.

Byron Delves

Byron busy on the wheel
Byron busy on the wheel

Byron Delves is a jeweller with over 30 years’ experience in the trade. Always creating new designs, he works mainly in silver and gold. He is a self-taught potter and his early inspiration came from pottering around in the clay shed with his clay artist father.
Byron enjoys sharing his pottery knowledge with others and loves to help draw out the creative talents of his students.
You will often find Byron in the Clay Shed creating pieces that are both functional, handmade and reflecting the environment around him.

Susanne Prinz

Susanne Prinz in the Clay Shed
Susanne Prinz in the Clay Shed

Originally from Germany, Clay Shed manager Susanne Prinz motto is learning by doing.
She is a self-taught clay artist and sculptor, and her whimsical creations often relate to nature and her childhood experiences in her home country.
Susanne gets satisfaction from helping people achieve their own personal artistic goals in the Clay Shed.
You will often find her in the Clay Shed helping young and old have fun with clay at the monthly Raglan Creative Markets.
She has been the driving force behind fundraising activities for the new creative space that will begin being built in 2018.
The Clay Shed also caters for group and corporate bookings and Susanne tailors fun, creative workshops to suit your requirements.

Jodi Prinz

Jodi Prinz
Jodi Prinz

The Auckland-born artist studied media arts for six years in her home town and Hamilton, and graduated BMA with honours before moving to Raglan in 2007.

The medium Jodi feels most at home in is painting, depicting femininity and playing with the contrasts of sexuality and innocence. She feels influenced by the pop art of the 1930s and many of her pictures contain decorative elements.

Jodi expresses her playful side by recycling children’s toys into new artworks. Her latest project is a series of brooches.

Jodi has exhibited in Auckland, Hamilton and Raglan and is a member of Raglan Hello Gallery.

She teaches clay art at the Raglan Old School Arts Centre.

To get in touch with Jodi call 027 424 7277 or send her an e-mail:

[email protected]