Old School car park completion coming up

This morning 13th December, the concrete was placed for the remaining section of the Old School’s car park rebuild. The area was originally the playground for the school and at that time was in concrete. So its good to have the surface historically matching the Old School.

Concrete takes some days to cure to full strength. After a day or so the ASAP contractors will be back to cut the expansion cracks, mark the car park spaces and install the car stops. There is also work to be done on reintegrating the berm and removing the safety fences. It is expected that normal access to the Arts Centre buildings for pedestrians will open up on 18th December. With access for cars from Christmas Day. So a nice Christmas present from Waikato District Council for the Raglan community. No trucks until 1st January 2024.

Concrete down and smooth with a real drain for stormwater

Raglan Community Arts Council thanks ASAP, DC Drainage, other contractors and Waikato District Council Property and Project staff for making it happen and their work on the project. The RCAC committee especially thanks past committee member Sherry Coulson who worked with the WDC staff on planning the car park rebuild over the last two years. It will be great to have a smooth safe surface which isn’t always wet.

Old School Office staff have worked hard to keep the Arts Centre open for users while normal access wasn’t possible. And a thank you to all users, music and movie patrons who kept using the building via the temporary access route.

Deb King, Market Coordinator did an amazing job of relocating the December Market to the Raglan Club. And the Clay Shed did a fantastic job of moving the Spirit of Christmas exhibition to Raglan Joinery in Wallis Street. (Still open daily 10-4 until Sunday 17 December, plus late nights 5-8pm Thurs 14 and Friday 15 December.)

The Old School Arts Centre office will be closed from Friday 22 December, 2pm until Monday 8 January, 2024.

So the first use of the new car park will be the exhibition by Lisa Kearns and Colleen Vickers which will be open in the Old School gallery every day from Monday 1 January to Monday 15 January.

There will also be movies on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 January.

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