Sep 12: Old School Arts Centre AGM

The 2023 Annual General Meeting for Raglan Community Arts Council, will be held at 7pm, Tuesday 12th September at the Old School Arts Centre, 5 Stewart St, Raglan.

Members of the Arts Council and the Raglan Whaingaroa community are cordially invited to attend. Only financial members may vote.

Agenda for 2023 AGM of

Raglan Community Arts Council

7.00pm, Tuesday 12 September 2023 at the Old School Arts Centre

Minutes secretary for AGM:

Apologies:  Lisa Thomson, Tilly Turner, Susan Flight, Alf Kennedy


  • Opening and Welcome – Members and Guests

New Members:  Craig Goodall and Ruth Hickman

  • Moved that these applications be approved;
  • Minutes of 2022 AGM
  • Moved that the minutes be taken as read and approved as a true and correct record of the 2022 AGM
  • Any discussion or matters arising
  • Chairperson’s Annual report for 2022/2023 – presented by Rodger Gallagher
  • Moved that the Chairperson’s report be accepted
  •  Audited financial report for 2022/2023 – presented by Kay Fong
  • Moved that the 2022/2023 Financial Report be accepted and approved
  • Election of officers
  • Nominations are: 
  • Rodger Gallagher for Chairperson by      Angela Williams/Kay Fong                                                            
  • Wayne Morris for Deputy Chairperson by Brian Wilson/Rodger Gallagher                                      
  • Angela Williams for Secretary by              Jean Carbon/Rodger Gallagher                                                                           
  • Kay Fong for Treasurer by                         Wayne Morris/Jillian Lankshear                                                                           
  • As there is only one nomination for each role, Rodger Gallagher, Wayne Morris, Angela Williams and Kay Fong are appointed.
  • Election of committee and decision on size of committee
Committee 1  Jean CarbonJillian LankshearWayne Morris  
Committee 2  Jillian LankshearJean CarbonBrian Wilson
Committee 3  Jane GallowayWayne MorrisRodger Gallagher  
Committee 4  Charles RiddleAngela WilliamsKay Fong
Committee 5  Brian WilsonWayne MorrisRodger Gallagher  
Committee 6  Murray BurtonJillian Lankshear  Brian Wilson
Committee 7  Denise ReynoldsRodger GallagherJillian Lankshear  
Committee 8  Merren GoodisonJean CarbonWayne Morris  
Committee 9  Robyn MarstersKay FongJillian Lankshear  
Committee 10  Craig GoodallDeb KingRodger Gallagher  
Committee 11   Committee 12  Ruth HickmanDeb KingRodger Gallagher
  • Moved that the size of the committee be set at 12 non-executive members
  • As the number of nominations is less than the number of vacancies, all nominees are declared elected.  The committee has power under the rules to appoint people to fill the one remaining vacancy
  • Moved that Simon Te Wheoro is confirmed as iwi representative member.
  • Appointment of auditors and accountant
  • Moved that  Graham Haines be confirmed as external auditor.
  • Moved a vote of thanks to Virginia Gallagher for managing the accounts.
  • Set membership fees for the year commencing 1st April 2024
  • Moved that the General membership fee be set at $20 individual, plus $10 for a second member at same address and Clay shed at $20 per individual
  • And that the Friends membership fee be set at zero.
  • General business
    • Plans for the current year and future years
    • RCAC needs to reregister with a new constitution after October this year.

     Life Memberships: 

Close of formal meeting


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