Raglan Gelato scoops up summer flavour sensations

Sales from handcart in Raglan CBD, on and around Bow St.

The warm weather is on the way and Raglan Gelato is delivering the taste of summer packed in a tub. The creamy creation of foodies Lars and Hanna Allouard, Raglan Gelato blends traditional gelato-making with products from around Whaingaroa.

Using Dreamview milk and locally sourced fruit, the couple hope to keep the flavours as close to home as possible. While Hanna’s background is in the food and hospitality sector, Lars has come to the food industry with a passion for flavourful food. “I did cabinetmaking for so many years that it was time for a change. And I like food better than I like furniture,” Lars laughs. His love for the gelato-making process is so intense, he even attended online classes at the Carpigiani Gelato university in Bologna, Italy. Lars’ dedication to the process meant doing the course on Italian time and for three weeks he went online from 7pm to 3am.

The couple are kept super busy with their new baby Adam, but they say he is very relaxed and fits in with their gelato-making venture at the Old School Arts Centre.

As well as gelato flavours of pecan, chocolate, pistachio, vanilla and more, they are also making sorbets including mango, grapefruit-ginger and raspberry-beetroot sorbet. Like a good wine, Lars explains, gelato needs time out of the freezer before it’s good to scoop. “It’s a good sign if you can’t get your spoon into it straight from the freezer. You need to let it sit for about five minutes before you enjoy the first scoop.”.

Check them out on Facebook and Instagram @raglangelato.

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