Textile Art Exhibition – Works by Anita Seddon

Textile Art Exhibition – Works by Anita Seddon
Open daily 10am to 2pm at Raglan Old School Arts centre, 5 Stewart St, Raglan
2nd to 27th January

Textile artist Anita Seddon’s latest exhibition combines past works and current inspiration in a celebration of over 20 years working with fabric and natural fibres. 

The exhibition is also the culmination of a year in which Anita has made an effort to keep her creativity active and alive; both as a means of keeping in touch with the things she considers important and in recognition of the opportunities that 2020, despite being a disruptive year, has presented.

The works on display include old favourites and new creations. For Anita, each piece has a story, tied to a person or place. It means that she finds it hard to part with some of them, but for Anita, selling her pieces has never been the main goal.  

“Each piece represents an idea that at some point or for some reason has blossomed in my head. The important thing is to get the idea out of my head and see it made real. There is great satisfaction in knowing I have completed what I set out to create,” says Anita.

A long-time resident of Raglan, Anita’s art can be found gracing the walls of many of the town’s homes and businesses. Although fabric is her main medium, Anita also integrates harakeke, found treasures and recycled materials into her art, in order to fully capture a scene, a moment or a mood.

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