Trust Waikato donates to Old School Arts Centre

Trust Waikato, the Philanthropy organisation with the aim of having vibrant and resilient Waikato communities, has just announced its first round of donations for 2020. Included in the donations it has given $15,000 to the Raglan Community Arts Council. The grant is for paying the operating costs of the Raglan Old School Arts Centre.

Rodger Gallagher, Chairperson of the Raglan Community Arts Council, said, “This grant will allow the Arts Centre to reopen when the Covid-19 emergency status drops to a lower level. With our loss of social enterprise income from room rents and events, we have no money to pay general expenses. The Trust Waikato grant will allow us to pay for rates, insurance, electricity, cleaning, phones, internet and other operating costs. It will also cover some wages. We are very grateful to Trust Waikato for this donation during this difficult period.”

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