Feb 1, 16: Movie – FRIDA: VIVA LA VIDA

Outlines a double Frida: on the one hand the sensitive artist and revolutionary, on the other the strong and independent woman.

Andrea P.

RAGLAN MOVIES at the OLD SCHOOL, 5 Stewart Street, Raglan

FRIDA: VIVA LA VIDA 90 mins M Sex scenes, Documentary Exempt. Spanish and English.

  • Saturday 1st February 8.00pm
  • Sunday 16th February 4.30pm

Book online:, call into the Old School office Mon-Fri 10am to 2pm. (Office closed public holidays)

Door sales from 30 mins before session times.

Licensed bar & homemade snacks on sale at all screenings.

Adults $15, Concession $12, RCAC Members $12, Children $8.
The reduced concession rate is for $12 concession (student, seniors or CS cards).

Frida – Viva La Vida is a cinematic documentary that highlights the two sides of Frida Kahlo’s spirit: on one side the iconic independent and strong woman that everyone knows, tormented by agony and love, and on the other the artist, free from the leashes of her physical constrictions.

With Asia Argento as narrator, the two faces of the artist will be revealed, by pursuing a common thread consisting of Frida’s own words: letters, diaries and private confessions.
A journey deep in the heart of Mexico divided into six chapters that alternates interviews, historical documents, captivating reconstructions and Frida Kahlo’s own paintings, kept in some of the most amazing museums in Mexico.

Over the years, Frida Kahlo became an icon and a role model.

She influenced artists, musicians and stylists. Her importance even surpassed her greatness.

What made her so was the intensity and determination with which she faced a life marked by suffering. Yet her pain, though the essential subject of her work, is not enough in itself to explain the reasons for such an extensive and unanimous affirmation of the artist

In Frida’s works there is a bond linking pain and strength, torment and love.

A bond that is legitimized because it is rooted in a land, Mexico, that after the revolution tries to rediscover its origins through pre-Columbian iconography; in which we find Frida’s explores the identity of opposites, pain and pleasure, darkness and light, moon and sun, life in death and death in life. With this dualism in mind, retracing Frida Kahlo’s life means looking for the point of contact between her suffering throughout her life and her unconditional love for art.

Directed by Giovanni Troilo
Featuring Asia Argento.
Writers: Jacopo Magri, Marco Pisoni, Giovanni Troilo


2019 | Documentary Exempt | 90 mins Italy | Spanish and English

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