Ushering in 2020 with RaglanArt Exhibition

2020 is the start of a new year and a new decade. Welcoming in this new
decade with a flourish of originality is a new art exhibition at the Raglan Old School Art Centre entitled 2020. Members of RaglanArt are combining
their creative talents to showcase the very best of their original works.

Exhibiting artists include Richard Gemmell, Jodi Collins, Claudia Grutke, Ellie Gee, Ross Thornton-Jones, Toni Kingstone, Miranda Jane Caird, Bridget Tasker, Julie MacDonald, Dyana Wells, Catherine O’Kelly, Helma van der Pasch, Marise Rarere, Lois Brooks, Ro Fawcett, Dominique Marriott, Catherine Houston and Elsa Lye.

Right – Painting by Ross Thornton-Smith.

Many have recently featured at a very successful exhibition at The Welcome Swallow Gallery in Hamilton and are now excited at showcasing their work in their home town. The influence of being in a creative community and living in a coastal environment influences these artists and this can be clearly seen in many of the works.

“Whether it is the colours or the shapes of what is around us, the artists capture a sense of the feeling of this place in each image,” Richard Gemmell says. This exhibition offers a great opportunity to start the new decade
with a new piece of original art from these local artists.

At Raglan Old School Arts Centre

Tuesday 7 – Thursday 30 January

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