Nov 4-5: Movie- THE CHANGEOVER

Stuff 3.5 / 5 Stars “For 2017’s teens (and in particular teenage girls), The Changeover offers the rare sight of a fantasy that feels both distinctly Kiwi and contemporary and that’s something to be celebrated and cherished.”

Screenings of THE CHANGEOVER are Saturday 4th at 5.30pm and Sunday 5th at 6.30pm. Raglan Movies at the Old School Arts Centre, 5 Stewart Street, Raglan.

Reserve at   with door sales from 30mins before session times.

– Erana James stars alongside Timothy Spall and Kiwis Melanie Lynskey and Lucy Lawless in this adaptation of Margaret Mahy’s namesake novel.

Erana James and Timothy Sprall in THE CHANGEOVER
Erana James and Timothy Sprall in THE CHANGEOVER

Set in post-earthquake Christchurch, The Changeover tells the story of troubled teenage Laura Chant (James) who must ‘change over’ and become a witch in order to save her little brother Jacko (Benji Purchase) from an evil ancient spirit.

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